Ethos Approach to Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the #1 sports injury we see in our office. These patients have usually had shoulder issues for a long period of time and have exhausted their options for relief. They may have gotten some improvement here and there but they have mainly “learned to live with it.”

Our experience with shoulder pain has helped us develop a system that not only decreases shoulder pain but heals the injury, allowing our patients to return to CrossFit with a stronger, pain-free shoulder.


The graphic above helps illustrate the differences between two different approaches to shoulder pain. Although both get results they are not created equal.  Here are a few highlights:


28 days until treatment is even started

70 days until treatment is completed

Treatment may decrease pain but will not heal a tear (common in rotator cuff injuries)

Higher chance for re-injury

At least 18 visits to the doctor(s) and 1 trip to get an MRI

Can lead to surgery if PT is unsuccessful


Approximately 5 days before long-lasting therapy is started

Average of 2 weeks for 50% pain reduction

Average of 30 days to return to activity

Tear is also healed

Significantly decreased chance of re-injury

Approximately 4 visits including in-house imaging with ultrasound

90.5% of patients return to full activity without pain while another 6% have an 80% decrease in pain

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