Winter is Prime Time for a Chemical Peel

Try a chemical peel this winter

As you age, you begin to see changes in your facial skin. Your skin loses some of its collagen, the protein that’s kept it smooth and supple. In your 40s, you may begin to see fine lines around your eyes and mouth, and in your 50s, they can become more prominent. Dark spots may appear on your face and neck.

Those indoor fluorescent lights at work highlight every wrinkle and dark spot on your face. A refreshing chemical peel can smooth out those facial imperfections and take years off of your appearance. You don’t have to look older than you are from all that time you spent in the sun when you were younger.

Winter is the ideal time to get your chemical peel because you need to avoid sun exposure for a little while after a peel.

Ethos Integrative Medicine offers a wide variety of chemical peels for all facial types. We have a peel that is just right for your face. Following are common facial skin issues and the peels we offer to improve your skin’s appearance.

Wrinkles, rough complexion

Were you a smoker? Nicotine constricts blood vessels in your skin, preventing it from receiving enough oxygen and nutrients. This, in turn, can lead to wrinkles and premature aging of your skin.

Even if you didn’t smoke, you may be bothered by too many wrinkles and uneven skin texture.  The I Peel Wrinkle Lift® adds retinol to glycolic acid to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. The I Peel Wrinkle Lift® Forte contains more glycolic acid and other anti-aging ingredients for more dramatic reduction of those wrinkles.

Dark spots, pigmentation changes

If you’ve been a sun worshipper, you may develop dark spots on your face as you age. Dark spots, which are changes in pigmentation, usually result from sun exposure.

The I Peel Perfection Lift™ contains a number of exfoliants that smooth out your uneven skin tone and reduce the appearance of those dark spots. The I Peel Perfect Lift® Forte version of this peel contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol to give you younger looking skin in a single treatment. Both can help reduce the appearance of acne.

Pigmentation changes, redness

If you have uneven skin tone and dark spots but are also prone to redness on your face, you can get treatment for all of these facial changes. The I Peel Lightening Lift® contains a blend of acids and other ingredients to smooth out uneven skin tone and lessen redness.

The I Peel Lightening Lift® Forte contains fruit-based enzymes, stem cells from plants, and anti-aging peptides to smooth out your skin tone and tone down the redness. This peel also works for dry or sensitive skin.

The I Peel Signature Facelift® uses hyaluronic acids and organic aloe vera to hydrate your skin and calm the redness. It works on dry or oily skin. You’ll have a dewy, radiant tone to your skin after this peel.

Oily skin and acne

Some adults are still bothered by acne. Inflammation and stress may be the culprits causing your acne as an adult, along with oily skin.

Our I Peel Acne Lift® contains a mix of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that treat mild to moderate acne effectively. The I Peel Beta Lift™ contains beta hydroxy acid that works well if you have moderate to severe acne with oily skin. Both treatments help smooth away blemishes and the effects of aging.

Overall rejuvenation with an oxygen peel

Oxygen stimulates collagen growth and brightens tired, dull skin. The O2 Lift includes oxygen, stem cells from plants, peptides, and enzymatic botanicals. A special Spotlight treatment contains vitamin C, acids, and enzymes to stimulate new skin cells.

Call or book an appointment online with Ethos Integrative Medicine for a consultation to discuss which chemical peel is right for you. You’ll see a refreshed face and rejuvenated skin in your mirror.

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